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Ordering Checklist:

· You need at least 3 ½” away from any wall downstairs.

· The motor needs and additional 14” outside of the posts and is drawn on the post placement diagram.

· The 750lb lifts need 4 by 4 posts to be installed for the unit to attach to. The smaller units have their own frames.

· The most electric service required is 110V-14 amps for the 750lb lift.

· You need at least 48” of headroom in the attic, on the low side.

· We need to know the exact length and width of your finished hole, and the thickness of your ceiling. The thickness of you ceiling is the distance between your attic floor and your garage ceiling. This is usually the plywood flooring, the floor joist and the sheetrock on the ceiling.

· Do not get overly concerned about the lift hole being exactly to the size lift you are buying. It is ok to be up to 3” or so bigger or smaller to make the framing easier. Just frame it to what works best and let us know the opening size. (Your framer will thank you.)

· Do not put your attic lift right next to your attic stair. It is dangerous to have the openings very close to each other.

· It is best to install your lift before the trim carpenter shows up so he can trim the bottom of the lift for you to match the rest of your home.

· If the lift is being delivered, please make sure the freight delivery truck and trailer can turn around or go around the block at your address.

· The units usually weigh around 350lbs and can be carried by four people on the pallet or you can cut straps and one man can get it in about 5 or six trips.

· You can insulate your lift platform if the attic is heated and cooled.

· We do make ramps for the lift platforms that store inside the platform.

· Custom Installs happen all of the time; don’t hesitate to call with your Ideas.

Lift NOT designed for people.